Everyday life on Lake Martin is extrodinary


By nature we are all attracted to water.  Some say our yearning to be close to the water is natural because we are made up of mostly water.  So if Lake Martin has always pulled you close this lends a little understanding.  It is one thing to be close to water but to have the opportunity to dwell next to Lake Martin's pure and natural waters is a privilege.  Life here fulfills our natural instincts and lends a different rhythm to our souls. A place where family and friendships thrive.  A place we hope you call home.


Buying or Selling.... Lake Martin abounds


Whether you are in the market for a Lake Martin home or want to sell your existing lake home, Lake Martin abounds with great opportunities.  Our team here at Lake Homes Realty explore all the opportunities for you.  We are very experienced  and have a professional team that works hard for you every day.  We respect your investments at Lake Martin.


Find a Home

a beautiful collection

Lake Martin has a beautiful collection of lake homes.  From quaint weekend cabins to stately homes.  You are sure to find several that fit your dreams.  We would love to recommend a list of fabulous finds.

Sell your Home

a great marketplace

Considering putting your lake home on the market? Lake Homes Realty will professionally market your home for you.  We market homes locally, regionally and nationally.  Call me today for more info.


Featured Lake Listings

Lake Martin finds

Here you will find a handful of our featured listings. We have an eclectic collection of featured Lake Martin homes for sale, some great lake front lots and even a few commercial opportunities in the area.

Search the Entire Lake

a comprehensive lake martin look

With a few perimeters in place we can search the entire Lake Martin collection of homes and home sites.  You can narrow your search by locations, price points and square footage just to name a few.

Experienced Lake Home Builder


John W. Franklin, owner of Franklin Homes has more than 30 years of building experience and more than 10 of those are on Lake Martin.  Sometimes it just makes sense to start from scratch and build the perfect lake home that fits all your needs.  John Franklin is a great choice.  Let him and his team take it from start to finish for you. 

And then sometimes you have a dream of cleaning up an older lake home and turning it into your future retirement home.  We can help you realize this dream too.  A lot of construction companies will shy away from these projects but we love them and have a real talent for remodeling.  It is an exciting endeavor to preserve a structure and bring it up to date.

A new custom home or remodeling ideas we would like the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss your dreams.  We'll bring a nice portfolio of our work and a long list of happy clients.  You bring your dreams.